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Letter from Mike Peterson

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Christmas is right around the corner. If I do not have the chance to meet you before then, I would like to wish you and your family happy holidays and a prosperous new year. I am overwhelmed when I think about how long Computer Medics has been in business (20 years) and the many wonderful people we have met along the way. We look forward to serving you again in 2019 and are grateful for your support.

Welcome Our New Sales Representative

Ryan Workman is the most recent addition to the Computer Medics team. He is new to the area, arriving from Wisconsin only 3 months ago to be closer to his family. Moving here was an easy decision for Ryan after enduring 35 years of Wisconsin winters. He figured, why spend 8 months a year waiting for sunshine and warm weather to return when he could live in the sunshine state where it is warm year-round? The hardest part for him was the 1500 miles he had to drive to get here. He was worried about the possibility of a vehicle breakdown, so he had a trusted mechanic look it over. In addition, Ryan purchased a roadside assistance plan in case anything happened along the way. Thankfully, he made it without incident and has been busy acclimating himself to the Florida lifestyle.

Ryan’s goal with Computer Medics will be to clearly translate the value of our Managed Service Agreements (MSA). For years we have been operating on a break-fix model. But why wait for a breakdown and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars fixing or replacing your computer, not to mention the stress of possibly losing your data and experiencing downtime? Our MSA customers have access to an entire team of experts who will monitor, manage and maintain your technology to keep it healthy and running smoothly. We will spot issues and proactively resolve them before they turn into big problems. We have multiple MSA levels to fit the needs of all businesses and homeowners, be it by phone, remote, in-shop, or on-site. Please call, email, or stop by and say "hello" to Ryan and ask him about our Managed Service Agreements.

Windows 1809 Update

Microsoft has been releasing large Windows 10 updates every 6 months or so. The latest update, 1809 was released in September 2018. In the past, it was the customer’s responsibility to run these large updates. Now, Microsoft is pushing updates to all Windows 10 computers and instead of releasing the updates all on one day, they incrementally push them out. This has led to some computers receiving the updates too soon before the updates have been fully tested on a variety of systems. Due to two major issues with the 1809 update, Microsoft has suspended it until further notice. The first issue caused systems with only one storage drive to delete personal files (documents, pictures, videos, etc.). The second issue caused Windows to need to be re-activated. If you encounter either one of these issues, a temporary solution is to perform a Windows System Restore to a point just before the 1809 update. Please call us if you need help with this or any other issues. We’re here to help.